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How we work | Case Studies

Case Study 1:
Virtual Leadership across Europe – a Global Value Added Reseller

The Problem

Although American, ‘Europe’ viewed this organisation as highly UK centric, with functions such as marketing, finance and HR headquartered in the UK. The UK was profitable, most of Europe was not. This was further exacerbated by the manifestation of a ‘silo’ mentality between the various countries – each was an ‘island’, almost a separate organisation.

The Solution  

Interviews of the Country Heads across Europe and their most important contacts in the UK, primarily the Executive Board and the Product Marketing team. This lead to the design of a 4 day, experiential off site programme with all country heads, all product managers and the COO’s. The programme was reinforced by post-event one-to-one coaching.

The Result

An immediate improvement in relationships and communication between all the delegates, in turn leading to an upswing in revenues.

This change in the behaviour of the delegates was so marked that it resulted in Field Dynamics being asked to design a modular leadership training programme for the top talent within the company. This has now been running for some 8 months, with 4 separate groups having started the programme.  

Case Study 2:
Managing change within mergers and acquisitions

The problem

Due in large part to phenomenal market share a culture of complacency had developed within the UK’s leading software company. With the arrival of a new CEO and HR Director, Field Dynamics were asked to ensure the viability of the company for potential merger or acquisition.

Field Dynamics’ approach

Created a top down team cohesion programme, first working with the board, then the next level down, finally bringing together the top 30 managers for a series of workshops to ensure a shared vision of the future, and the attendant road map.

A behavioural blueprint was created, then modelled, then shared with the rest of the organisation in a series of mass engagement events.

The result: A successful merger!

Field Dynamics is a consultancy specialising in training & development. We are dedicated to working in partnership with organisations and individuals to help them become the best they can be on a consistent basis.

We work with organisations across the UK and Europe. Our areas of expertise include team building, leadership training and executive coaching.

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