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What we do at Field Dynamics

How we work

  • To challenge existing paradigms in order to create a positive and attractive future.
  • To find the key that unlocks each client’s unique potential through distinct and specialised consultancy and training.
  • To impact directly on the performance of individuals, enabling every organisation and team they work with to succeed.

We believe the human brain is a truly marvellous thing but, without stimulus, it can easily get stuck in self-defeating patterns. This can become an organisational infection which prevents agility in a constantly changing market.

 No training or consultancy - or even coaching interaction -should be engaged, retained or considered without a significant outcome being targeted. All human endeavours are achieved by focus, passion and effort.

Equally, no model or philosophy of leadership, organisational development or personal development is the ‘right’ one; however they can all have tremendous value at the right time and place, delivered in the right way. That’s why our vast experience in corporate life and psychology enables us to pick and choose the correct model or intervention for any given situation. That’s why our programmes are so successful, that’s what makes us unique, and that’s the reason our clients keep coming back to us.

Some of the tools we use on a regular basis are: NLP (most of us are Practitioners or Master Practitioners); Emotional Intelligence; Myers Briggs; Transactional Analysis; Gestalt Interventions; Strength Deployment Inventory; Behavioural Coaching.

We receive phenomenal feedback on our leadership training, team building and personal growth courses. We are unique in the way we work with you, and in the fact that you get real, long-term results.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F Kennedy.

Field Dynamics is a consultancy specialising in training & development. We are dedicated to working in partnership with organisations and individuals to help them become the best they can be on a consistent basis.

We work with organisations across the UK and Europe. Our areas of expertise include team building, leadership training and executive coaching.

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