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Why I choose Field Dynamics

"Field Dynamics deliver a flexible and personal solution to business issues. They have the ability to work at any level within the organisation; this is key to developing and retaining staff. The courses that we have run have been personal to our organisation which means that the learning is immediately applied when delegates are back in the workplace. They are friendly and approachable yet have the ability to challenge anyone from Board level to warehouse operative. We are a European organisation and Field Dynamics have modified the courses to fit local culture without reducing the impact of the course. The core strength of the team is that they understand people, can get under their skin and know how to get the best out of them. They will not shy away from hard feedback which really helps the delegates. Most delegates have a Eureka moment which puts the learning into context for them. The mix of theoretic, classroom style learning and the outdoors challenges delivers a powerful message to delegates which translate into profit for the organisation.
Margaret Duke, COO Bell Micro Europe

Presenting YOU

"Thank you so much for your ‘Presenting YOU’ course. I have attended a number of presentations courses and this was the first that made a significant difference to how I felt and how I delivered. I appreciated for the first time how to really engage with my passions to get my message across and that has had some powerful results. I am now much more confident in preparing and delivering my message particularly when the stakes are high or the message is difficult. This course helped me understand in quite a profound way what’s really going on not only for me but also for my audience."
Hugh Buckley, CEO Quortex

Personal Power and Influence

"This course has made all the difference; my life is now working with a much clearer focus as to what I’m trying to achieve and this has benefited me both at home and at work.  I feel very powerful in many more arenas I find myself in and I’ve taken control of how I respond to get much better results from situations."
Nigel Merrony

Team Building and Development

“I’ve attended numerous team development programmes, but I’ve never experienced the links made back to the workplace in such a unique and powerful way. Always focused, your facilitation style brings together management theories, the psychology of human behaviour and our commercial needs in a way that enabled the participants to first feel, then truly understand what creates effective results in a team. You brought the various management theories to life and showed how to make the time to implement them on a day to day basis. You also integrated the Myers Briggs model in a very engaging and pragmatic way and it’s become both a shared language we use in the team and a powerful tool we use when considering how best to positively influence our key stake holders. Our performance has significantly improved. The sessions have contributed to my aim to build a team that is not just good but great. Thank you.”
Janet Taylor Hall, Director of Global Programme Group at Clifford Chance

Field Dynamics is a consultancy specialising in training & development. We are dedicated to working in partnership with organisations and individuals to help them become the best they can be on a consistent basis.

We work with organisations across the UK and Europe. Our areas of expertise include team building, leadership training and executive coaching.

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