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Team Development and Team Building

 Everyone seems to know what a good team should do, but often this common sense doesn’t get translated into common practice.  We work with:

  • new teams,
  • teams with new managers,
  • teams facing new challenges,
  • or simply teams who could somehow ‘do better’.

Even with teams that are producing great results, we can challenge and then enable them to become even more effective.

We’ll help you to diagnose exactly what state your team is in, and design a bespoke intervention that will move them to where you want them to be. This can be as simple as coaching the team leader or manager, right through to residential experiential programmes, where the team is taken back to its bare essentials, refocused, reenergised and given the awareness and tools to succeed.

In an initial phone call or meeting we can help you scope the issue, and potentially guide you towards an in house solution if that’s the best way forward. Please do give us a call!

Field Dynamics is a consultancy specialising in training & development. We are dedicated to working in partnership with organisations and individuals to help them become the best they can be on a consistent basis.

We work with organisations across the UK and Europe. Our areas of expertise include team building, leadership training and executive coaching.

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