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What we do | Off the shelf courses

 We offer a selection of workshops and courses that our clients have found provide a great return on investment – they’re the ones that our clients keep asking for, and so we offer them (perhaps with minor tweaks here and there) on an off the shelf basis.  These, as a rule,  cost less than our bespoke programmes because there is little or no design work involved.

Please don’t misjudge these workshops as being in any way less effective, however; participants routinely describe them as ‘life changing’, and clients have regularly reported significant positive changes in participants’ behaviours as a direct result of attendance.

Give us a call and let us talk you through how they may meet your needs.

Field Dynamics is a consultancy specialising in training & development. We are dedicated to working in partnership with organisations and individuals to help them become the best they can be on a consistent basis.

We work with organisations across the UK and Europe. Our areas of expertise include team building, leadership training and executive coaching.

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